diff -urP mkws/1.0.4/mkws/HOWTO mkws/1.0.5/mkws/HOWTO
--- mkws/1.0.4/mkws/HOWTO	Sun Aug  2 17:25:09 2020
+++ mkws/1.0.5/mkws/HOWTO	Sun Aug  2 17:38:48 2020
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 # `mkws(1)` HowTos
 A collection of **How To**s for building sites with
 ##  How To Add a Navigation Menu
 In order to add a navigation menu to your website, all you have to do
@@ -83,6 +83,6 @@
 to any of your `*.upphtml` files or create a new `*.upphtml` containing
 just the above code.
-Future versions of [`mkws(1)`](http://mkws.sh/) may allow rendering
+Future versions of [`mkws(1)`](https://mkws.sh/) may allow rendering
 [Markdown](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown) directly from source,
 without creating an extra `*.upphtml` file.